*{ Fermi a unit of length used to measure very, very, very small distances, it is about = 10-15 meter. 0.00000000000000010. It is a pretty optimized particle }
:before{ We were the web team of the major music festival. The creative industry trained us to always find new and better solutions and feel comfortable facing unique problems. }
:active{ Seniors with 14 years of experience are here to suggest the best options or make sure whatever you need will be delivered in the highest quality. }
:focus{ If you need PHP or Drupal developers you've come to the right place. We are active in the Drupal community since 2006 and utilize multiple PHP frameworks. }
:after{ Expertiese, quality work, timely delivery and good communication is the aftertaste we are proud of, but the key quality our clients recognize is reliability. }

"Fermicoding, during the long and successful cooperation with us, has enabled the development of the most of our web platforms. Through this cooperation they have shown great deal of knowledge and responsibility without which these project could not have been realized."

Vladan Joler - Creatures

"During the seven years of impeccable cooperation Fermicoding company showed knowledge, dedication, imagination and capability to solve all sort of problems. Fermicoding was always the force behind successful solutions, platforms, as well as web and mobile presentations that Exit festival is proud of, such as: exitfest.org, exitmusic.rs, exitfest.tv, Exit Festival mobile applications, facebook page apps etc. Above all, Fermicoding employees are take-charge persons who are able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits, but also highly respected by others for their willingness to get involved and help anyone anytime they can."

Bojan Boskovic - General Manager, EXIT Music Festival

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