Tell us about your project

For anyone who owns a Shopify store, it is clear that you can only do so much to distinguish yourself from the competition on the same platform. One of those things is the attractiveness of the design and user experience that get you more conversions. To that effect, we are offering the development of unique custom Shopify themes, so that your E-commerce platform shines, not only with its beauty but with a functional cross-browser, multi-device, responsive user interface. The other thing is a good Shopify setup. Do you support multiple currencies and have multiple languages? Do you support different payment providers? Adding modules is one thing, but combining their functionalities is another, and our Shopify developers are here to help.

New theme development

A pallet of various shades of red color

You want your shop to have a unique look, don't want a reused template. Great! Our designer can give you a few design concept proposals, and our front end team can make you a Shopify theme based on that. Taking our designer is of course not mandatory, you can have your own design or just pick something that you like off the Internet and tweak it a bit.

Existing theme modifications

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Your E-commerce platform is up and ready, but you feel the look can do with a little modification. You'd like your logo to blend in a little better, or add a cool animated mouseover effect, but you don't know how? Call us, and we can work together with you to fine-tune your Shopify theme to perfection.

Platform setup

Shopify logo, green shopping bag

If you are overwhelmed by the Shopify command panel, or just want the shop up, but don't have the time to do it yourself, our team can do it for you. Quickly and easily, just send us the product data, tell us what you want, and we'll set it up.