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HELLO dear visitor of IP address, and of a father named John!OK, the former is probably wrong, but as the number of visitors increments, due to the great SEO of having a blog section propagating us in time to the top of the Google results list, the large number theory will transform this ambiguous…Read more

Handling External Images in Gatsby JS

With the rising popularity of Gatsby as a go-to framework for building website frontend, there are more and more demands for solutions in regard to optimization (both SEO and performance vise). One of the problems when it comes to SEO optimization of your website would be the loading of external…Read more

Displaying animated modal in Drupal

The instant quick show or hide effect for modal dialogs is good for some scenarios but, for others using a 'transition' is a better and more sophisticated way to open and close the modal window. If you are creating a modal in Drupal 8 with one line of HTML you can specify dialog options and set…Read more

Data persistence in ReactJS application

With Javascript playing such a huge part in today's front-end development, it comes as no surprise that React, one of JS’ most popular frontend frameworks, is seeing a constant influx of new users. Being a frontend-exclusive framework React offers a very gentle learning curve on one hand, but has…Read more

Integrate Your Drupal 8 Site with CRM Platforms

Drupal 8 is a powerful CMS ( Content Management System ) that can deal with loads of data and content. Nowadays, if you’re looking to streamline your business operations and the ways people can interact with you, synchronizing your Website with an intuitive CRM system (Client Relationship Manager…Read more

Register user in Drupal 8 using REST API and Web Services

If you want to build an App and want to use Drupal as your back-end, one of the good ways is to use Drupal's RESTful Web services. First, you have to enable Web Services and Rest UI module (/admin/modules). In Drupal 8 Web Services are already in core, so you need to install only REST UI…Read more

Redirect anonymous user to login page - create a custom module [Drupal 8]

In some cases, Websites do not allow anonymous users to access the content. Recently I did have a similar situation where I have created a custom module for it, in Drupal 8. In the following text, I'll explain to you step by step how to create it. The module name is anonymous_redirect. First…Read more

Great recognition for our company

Today, on May 25th, 2018 Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences organized a gathering for the representatives of companies that have in some way improved this great institution, whether it was by creating branded spaces for students, offering student scholarships, or lectures, workshops and…Read more

Set Infinite Scroll using Views Infinite Scroll Module (Drupal 8)

Recently, working on one project, I had to create an infinite scroll on the news page, which is a view. There are several ways to make it work, but for me, the easiest one was using the Views Infinite Scroll module. I'll explain to you in this tutorial, step by step, how to accomplish this. Step I…Read more

Drupal 8: Import image files using Migrate Source CSV module

One of the cool things Drupal offers is migration. You've probably had a situation where you had some data to migrate from a CSV file to your Drupal site. With the Migrate module, you can transfer all kinds of entities such as nodes, taxonomy, files, and users from CSV, XML, and JSON files. In…Read more