Tell us about your project

Fermicoding is a Drupal development company specialized in creating high complexity Applications. We are open to small and simple projects as well. We use agile methodology in our development process, which lets us manage the project more efficiently and to fill you in on how it is progressing every step of the way. Our staff supports our clients through all the stages of the project life cycle. These include planning, defining the specification, design, development, testing, and post-launch. Our Web design bureau has developers with over 10 years of experience creating custom Drupal modules, site building, and theme development. That is why we can create Drupal applications with any workflow you need.

Drupal e-commerce

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Starting an Online Store is easy nowadays using subscription-based E-commerce platforms. But if you'd like to have all the code and all pertinent data for yourself ( contacts, customers, purchase, and visit data ), you'd probably want to set up a Drupal commerce instance on your own server. That way you could add custom functionality and not depend on the existence of the right module, you could implement a sales funnel, do statistical analyses on the user data, etc. Or we could do all that for you.

Integrating Drupal sites with 3rd party systems

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No Web location should be a desert island. Would you'd like to integrate payment system into your Drupal site, or a newsletter subscription form? Perhaps you think it would be nice to have a dedicated Intranet for tracking business processes and orders that fully utilized a project management Websites' API... What about sharing your data with other sites, or maybe exposing your own API through Drupal services and connecting your Mobile Apps to the same database your Drupal Website is using? Ask no more, the Contact form is on your right.

Speed optimizations for Drupal sites

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Is your Drupal site too slow? Aside from our regular maintenance services, there are several things that could be done to speed up a Drupal site, like different layers of caching, server tweaking, database query optimization, or general code profiling.

Drupal site maintenance

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If you need someone to maintain your Drupal Website, system, or application, we are here to update, upgrade, make small changes, or make large changes, notify you of 3rd party downtime which would affect you, and many other daily tasks.

Site migration

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If you already have a Drupal Website or an application on an older version of the platform, or want to switch to Drupal, but are afraid to do so because of the implied complexity, fear not. We've migrated huge Web systems with custom-built databases filled with ten years worth of transaction data, a 100.000 user base to Drupal before.

Custom Drupal module development

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Are you a Startup, or just got a unique or a non-standard idea and can't find a module that would do what you need? No problem. Our custom Drupal modules would follow your specification to the letter. Since this is our primary service, you'll be sure you're getting a properly designed, structured, implemented, and tested application that would enhance your business.

Drupal theme development

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How about a lightning-fast theme? We make them with minimal HTML, optimized CSS, preprocessing, and responsive. Utilizing the best UI libraries for faster development times. Based on any design. If you need a headless Drupal application, we can also build and integrate the entire front end.

Drupal SEO

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A page one Google rating is something that is very important nowadays if your business is to reach customers online. Our Drupal SEO service could help you gain an edge over the competition.

Security auditing of Drupal sites

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If you want to make sure your Website is on the level when it comes to security, if you want to give hackers a hard time if they target your site, we are here to check if your code is following the very important Drupal security guidelines, is it up to date and patched up.

Drupal site building

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In Drupal, a site can be built in several different ways. One of them is by installing and setting up modules. This approach does not provide the full flexibility that custom development provides but is much quicker, so if you have a limited budget, and are willing to accept certain limitations, this is the option for you.