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Open book on a desk, probably a thesaurus

HELLO dear visitor of IP address, and of a father named John!
OK, the former is probably wrong, but as the number of visitors increments, due to the great SEO of having a blog section propagating us in time to the top of the Google results list, the large number theory will transform this ambiguous claim into an awesome source of shock and disbelief to more and more unsuspecting developers.

Welcome to the Fermicoding blog section.

This is a place for informal communication, where we will share our impressions and discoveries, after an inspiring project. We’ll do that, not just because of SEO, but because we believe in sharing knowledge. It is an inconvenience that drives us forward, keeps us competitive, and makes us better all around.

Inspired by the Masked magician who revealed the Magics’ secrets so that the community would move on from the centuries-old tricks and invent new and better ones.