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Short comic on subject of how `Captcha`s’ are a pain for developers

I had the guys install a captcha on this site after I could no longer bear 30 spam emails a day. It was a standard captcha widget, and what it did was to reduce the number to 25 a day. It's amazing how these spambots know their business. Anyway, there's always ReCaptcha, but I personally think it's ugly as hell, and plus I have to reload a few times before even I, a certified human, could make out what it says I should write. Anyway, I started thinking. This captcha business is awful. Plus it dissuades you from even submitting. You must REALLY want to send your 2 cents. So, I came up with A SOLUTION. The bot can submit a form, because the action attribute is set correctly, so what if it wasn't set at all? What if we left it blank, and generated the action value some other place? As a value of a hidden field, or an attribute of some tag. The bot wouldn't have a clue as to where to find it, but you'd know. And you would place an onFocus JavaScript event on the submit button which takes the action out of hiding and restores it to its rightful place. That way only a user would be able to submit the form. I think. What do you think?


Vladimir Horvat