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Example React Native App with React navigation

In this article we will go through how to setup an app with StackNavigator, DrawerNavigator, TabNavigator and how to navigate using it. First we'll start with initiatiating the App and installing dependencies: $ react-native init tutorial && cd tutorial $ yarn add react-navigation We'll…Read more

Dynamically work with Leaflet overlays ( Drupal 8 )

In one of the projects, the specification included the use of Leaflet maps. One of the difficulties was to make the Leaflet overlays automatically retrieve the list of Drupal content types, not all of them, but only the specific ones. This task seemed to be even more difficult because the only…Read more

The death of the Shift+Reload

So… another EXIT season is beginning and we’ve started to clean up the festival’s main website. Changed some photos, added a faded overlay background, and a cool autostarting promo video. I`ve set everything up, but then realized I was gonna get the same old comments from upstairs I always get when…Read more

Create a modal in Drupal 8 using a custom block

Modals are very useful for showing information to Website visitors. Here’s a simple way of how to create a custom modal in Drupal 8, and how the contents of the modal can be easily modified. The first step: we create a custom block. Go to admin/structure/block/block-content and click on the „Add…Read more

Node CRUD using Drupal’s web services and jQuery

If you still don't have the Web Services and Rest UI modules on your Drupal website, you can see how to add them to web services. If you do have them, let's see how to CRUD a node using Drupal’s Web Services. You have to enable Get, Create, Update, and Delete node on /admin/webservices/restui. Also…Read more

Creating custom sitemap using Simple XML Sitemap module (Drupal 8)

A Sitemap is a list of all Web pages from a Website, and it's very useful because it helps your content appear faster in the user's browser. There are two types of Sitemap, static and dynamic. Static Sitemaps are being used today only for static Websites, or for Websites that do not have a lot of…Read more

Adding plugins on Leaflet maps (Drupal 8)

The Leaflet is an open source JavaScript library used to build Web mapping Applications. Along with Google maps, it's the most popular way of presenting maps in apps. Leaflet module is available for Drupal versions 7 and 8, but at the time I`m writing this blog, only the beta version for Drupal 8…Read more

Installing Facebook Instant Articles module on Drupal 8

Facebook Instant Articles is a feature that helps content publishers share articles from their Websites to Facebook more easily. Readers can then access that article easier, page load time is up to 10 times faster then it was before. Since it was introduced in May 2015, many of world's largest…Read more

Cordova vs React Native

What is Cordova? Cordova is a Mobile Application development framework first introduced in 2009. The principle on which this framework builds its Apps spawned the phrase "hybrid Apps". Hybrid Apps are essentially Websites embedded in a Mobile App through a WebView component ( native browser ). What…Read more

Facebook album browser

FB album browser is one of those plugins that let us use the power of 3rd party integration with minimal programming knowledge. It is written using jQuery by Dejan Stojanovic. It makes it possible for a user to integrate their Facebook photos and albums within the website using the plugin. FB album…Read more